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Radio1610 is a micropowered AM and streaming web radio station.

It is what is known as hobby radio, and is a legal unlicensed station under FCC  Part 15 and not pirate radio. I transmit on 1610 KHZ AM and the signal has a usable reception area of about 400 feet in diameter (a very small coverage footprint in our neighborhood). 

The station format is Old-Time Radio.  We play old dramas, comedies, mysteries, adventure programs that have long since expired their copyrights and are now generally accepted to be in the public domain.  Most of these programs are from the 1930's and 1940's, but perhaps you might recognize some of them.

The micropower broadcast location is in Everett, WA near the corner of Colby Ave. and 37th St.

We also have an internet stream of the broadcast running simultaneously with the AM broadcast.  If you are not close enough to receive the AM broadcast, you can get a stream of the station from anywhere in the world on the internet.

The station was inspired by my wife, who really enjoys the old time radio programming.  We wanted to be able to be able to listen to the old programs on an old wood replica radio that we have.  Well, transmitting over the air legally was the answer to making that work.  As we thought others might enjoy the programs as much as we do, I used my computer networking and web skills to also broadcast over the web.

Any questions about the station can be sent to
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To help support the costs of running the station we now offer advertising.
An ad running for a week's time will have an estimated 4000 impressions by airing each half hour. (Each person hearing an ad is an impression). Here are our current rates which are deeply discounted compared internet radio standards per thousand impressions for pre-produced mp3 ads:

15 second spot - $5.00
30 second spot - $10.00
60 second spot - $20.00

Length & Duration

15 second spot - $15.00
30 second spot - $30.00
60 second spot - $60.00

Contact to place an ad on our station.


You can listen to the radio station through streaming technology.

black man

Just click on the
link below to
start the streaming old time radio

...1610 STREAM